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The Future Social CEO

The Future Social CEO

Infograph from CEO.com and designed by Voltier Creative examines the current involvement of CEO’s with Social Media and concludes “as consumers become social savvy, so must company leaders. Expect to see CEOs getting more and more social in the future.”

Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof with My Friend Simon Leung

Dr. Ron Capps the NicheProf with his Friend Simon Leung

This photo records the first meeting with my friend and colleague, Simon Leung, when he attended his first “Live” Internet Marketing Conference in San Antonio, Texas during May, 2006 while he was still working as a lead AdWords Optimizer for Google.

In addition to the School of Social Marketing, the Nicheprof is the author of the “Web 2.0 Resource Bible”,”Shockingly Simple Economy of Action Guide to Social Media”, developer of the “Umbrella Domains” concept, and developer of the “Social Media Dominoes” process. Michael Savoie is in the background.